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Article Critique

Article Critique Assignment

Political Science

                      SPRING 2012


Detailed Steps


            1. SELECT an article from our SHAREPOINT website that is of interest to you.


            2. WRITE your critique paper (2 pages minimum, double spaced, font 12, cwith your name, date, class, and title of the article). Your critique paper needs to address the following:

                        a. Introduction and description of the topic.

                        b. Summary of the article: background, method, results, discussion.

                        c. What did you learn from reading this article?

d. How can this information be applied to "you," your professional or educational interests?

                        e. Why is this article or topic relevant? Significant?

                        f. Could anyone read this article or was there a lot of technical lingo?

g. Reference YOUR article in APA forma (American Psychology Association format). See Sample Reference below.*


            3. SUBMIT your paper on the due date (see syllabus). Please attach the article you critique to your paper.


* General APA format for articles:


Last name, First initial. (year of publication). Title of article. Journal the article was published in,


            Volume number(issue number), page numbers.


*Sample APA references:


Sherratt, Y. (1997). Negative Dialectics: A Positive Interpretation.


            Philosophical Quaterly, 38(1), 55-66.


Lythe, J. (2001). The effectiveness of humor in persuasion: The case of business ethics training.


            Journal of General Psychology, 128 (2), 206-216.