F-words 2017

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  1. In Mathematics, this is a smaller part that multiplies other smaller parts to create a larger whole.
  2. Liquid potential energy that you put into your vehicle.
  3. A length of time equal to fourteen days.
  4. An equation using specific variables for a specific applicaton.
  5. Pushes or pulls on one object from another.
  6. a discrete amount; not going on forever
  7. a part of the whole expressed as a rational number.
  8. A common acronym used for the product of binomials
  9. This could be the acronym for squaring a binomial.
  10. The is the part that remains when you slice off the tip of a cone.
  11. In Mathematics, a relationship between variables for which there is only one output value for every input value.


  1. This is what generates heat when you rub your hands together.
  2. A substance that flows
  3. Usually a large amount of money or other assets.
  4. how often something occurs per unit time
  5. This is what you poke into something to see it it's done (or finished).
  6. The position played by Who.
  7. According to a 1932 self-help book, this is the age at which life begins.
  8. Kermit, for example.
  9. sharpening up the image
  10. Sounds just like what golfers yell when they hit a bad shot.
  11. the lowest load-bearing part of a building
  12. These can be found hanging out at Central Perk.
  13. Collectively, the group of people who provide the instruction.
  14. 1980 musical movie about kids in the high school for the performing arts.
  15. Combine it with BOOK and you've got a social network.

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