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Interesting News

Sites for all classes
    Modern America
    Various cultures and issues (Cut and paste this into your web program)
       Maps from across the world and across time:
       Human Area Resource files: A great place to  find ethnographies
       Culture Iceberg

          Sounds of Babylonian Language.
         Women's Diaries of Upstate New York
          What does ethnocentrism/Bias sound like?

          Ethics of working with Indigenous peoples, links

         Victorian farm/ Early Industrialization
          Inuit Aboriginal views of White Professionals 

     Saxon hord in England
      Building a medival Cathedral

      Archaeology of Heathrow Airport.  A silent video.

      Time Team site reports:
      British Archaeology Jobs and Resources web page:

     American (US) databaase of Archaeology reports:
      Roman Coin information can be found at:


      British Site finds resource:


      British training Passport


        Human genetics (lab 4):

       Human skeleton scans:


Questionalble sites
     Creation Museum?: