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Faculty, Anthropology



Anthropology is the study of humans; how we have adapted both physically and culturally to survive.

·         Socio-Cultural Anthropology: The study of how modern people agree to solve their problems as groups.

·         Linguistic Anthropology: The study of the interrlationship between culture, communication and brain development.

·         Archaeology: The study of past cultures and ethnic groups by examining their physical remains.

·         Biological/Physical Anthropology: The study of modern and past human forms to understand how humans adapt to their environments over time (Evolution).


Alex A. G. Taub, M.A. has taught Anthropology at the Wenatchee Campus of W.V.C. since 2003. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University in 1990, and his Master’s degree from Western Washington University in 1992.  His teaching focuses students’ attention on how the ideas of Anthropology can be directly applied in their own lives, and how understanding another culture, can help one to better understand their own.  Current professional interests include: acculturation (cross-cultural child development), youths-at-risk, street gangs, and Celtic village studies.  His publications include articles and books on high-risk youth, ethnobotany, two lab manuels, politics and religion, and parenting cross-culturally.

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Alex A. G. Taub
Office: 1020 a
Phone: 682-6768