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Archaeology and Ethics Assignment

1)      Who has the right to tell a culture‚Äôs story and who does not?


2)      In geographic areas where two countries or ethnicities lay claim, who owns the archaeological heritage (think: Israel, Northern Ireland, Former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Tibet, Etc.)?


3)       How much money is too much to preserve the cultural past?  Stonehenge? Pyramids? Cemetery?  Kettle Falls?


4)      How many generations must pass before an old cemetery can be used for another purpose?  Why?


5)      How minor should a site be for it to not receive attention?  Give examples.


6)      If a cemetery is being destroyed by natural forces, what efforts should be made to save it?


7)      Do all cultures have a right to archaeological preservation?  Nazi Germany? Fascist Italy?


8)      Which should we do: Build a dam to create electric power and jobs, or save a fishing site?  Why?


9)      Are there any sites too sacred for research?  Name them?


10)   Who should pay for this archaeology?