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Welcome to Math 151

Our class meets daily at 9 am in room 2210.  On this site you will find handouts such as the syllabus and calendar.  Assignments are in MyMathLab.  Registration instructions are below.

Welcome to MyMathLab

  MyMathLab is an interactive website where you can:

·   Self-test & work through practice exercises with step-by-step help to improve your math skills.

·   Study more efficiently with a personalized study plan and exercises that match your book.

·   Get help when YOU need it. MyMathLab includes multimedia learning aids, videos, animations, and live tutorial help.


Before You Begin:

To register for MyMathLab you will need:

þ  A MyMathLab student access code (packaged with your new text, standalone at your bookstore, or available for purchase with a major credit card at

þ  Your instructors’ Course ID:   redmon21225

þ  Your school’s zip code:   98801

þ  A valid email address

 Student Registration:

·   Enter in your Web Browser.

·   Under Students, click Register.

·   Read the “Before you start” information and click Next. 

·   Enter your Course ID exactly as provided by your instructor and click “Find Course.Your course information should appear. If not, contact your instructor to verify the correct Course ID.

·   Select Access Code, type your Access Code in the fields provided (one word per field), and click Next. If you do not have an access code, click Buy Now and follow those prompts to purchase and register.

·   Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy and click “I Accept.”

·   On the Access Information Screen, you’ll be asked whether you already have a Pearson Education Account. Click:

-           YES” if you have registered for other Pearson online products and already have a login name and password. Fields will appear for you to enter your existing login information.

-           NO” if this is the first time you have registered for a Pearson online product. Boxes will appear for you to create your login name and password.

-           NOT SURE” if you want to check for a pre-existing account and receive an email with your login name and password.

 Simply follow the registration screens and enter your information as prompted. You will enter your name, email address, school information, and provide a security question/answer to ensure the privacy of your account.

Once your registration is complete, you will see a Confirmation screen (this information will also be emailed to you). Simply print your confirmation (remember to write down your login name and password) and you are now ready to Log in and access your resources!

 Logging In:

·         Go to and click on Log In. 

·         Enter your login name and password and click Log in.

·         On the left, click on the name of your course.

 The first time you enter your course from your own computer and anytime you use a new computer, click the Installation Wizard or Browser Check on the Announcements page.   After completing the installation process and closing the wizard you will be on your course home page and ready to explore your MyMathLab resources!

Need help?

Contact Product Support at for live CHAT, email, or phone support.