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Angela Redmon > Math 105

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Welcome to Math 105

This class meets daily either at 11 or noon in Wenatchi Hall #2210.  In this site, you'll find class handouts such as the syllabus and calendar.  Assignments are assigned through MathXL.  Instructions are below.



Your class grades are linked to WebGrade.  Using the User ID and Password provided to you in class, you can sign on and view your progress report at

Welcome to MathXL 

The course name is: Math 105 F10 Redmon

It is based on this textbook: Hornsby: A Graphical Approach to College Algebra, 5e

To join this course, you need to register for MathXL and then enroll in the course.

1. Registering for MathXL

Before you begin, make sure you have the access code that comes with your MathXL Access Kit. If you don't have an access kit, you can buy the code online by clicking Buy Now at

To register, go to the for MathXL, click the Register button, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Enrolling in your instructor's course

After registering, log in to MathXL with your username and password. To enroll in this course, enter the following Course ID:

The Course ID for your course is: XL0K-N1CI-201Y-5V62

Need more help?

To view a complete set of instructions on registering and enrolling, go to and visit the Tours page.