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Kate L. Larson > Psych 102

Psychology of Adjustment

This course is based on principles of active learning that suggest the need for students to take an active role in their own learning in order to facilitate greater understanding and knowledge retention. Research suggests that students who work to synthesize, analyze, and actively apply the information presented will perform better on exams, remember the information beyond the quarter, and find greater enjoyment within the course (Yoder & Hochevar, 2005).

If you are interested in learning more about Active Learning Principles click here.

Hybrid Course Overview

A Hybrid course means the course material and course work will be completed through two methods of instructor. This course combines face-to-face weekly meetings, with an online component facilitated through ANGEL (

More specifically, there will be twice weekly meetings in-class with additional time invested online. The distribution of time will include in-class exams, discussions, demonstrations, and activities, while lectures, discussions, practice quizzes, and assignments will be completed online.